Oakwoods Baptist Church- Wilkesboro, North Carolina

When it comes to multimedia for your church, regardless of the size or need of your church, Parkers Productions will listen to your needs and wants, then will give you a honest suggestion of what will work best for your church.


 Parkers Productions not only installs equipment but they will give you phone support at any time. Working with Tony & Emily the last several years, we tell them our want, (whether it be sound, video, computer software or telephone help), and Parkers Productions tells us our need. We tell them our budget and they get us started in a way that we can upgrade as we are able.


If you need multimedia in your church, I recommend Parkers Productions to get the job done and get it done right!


John L. Jones

Oakwoods Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Hudson, Hudson, North Carolina

My name is Ronnie Simmons and I am a member of First Baptist Church of Hudson, Inc. in Hudson, North Carolina. In 2012-2013, we constructed a new Christian Life Center with a high school size gym, stage, kitchen and a large dining room. This type structure: hardwood floors, drywall on the wall, and a lot of glass, presents a great challenge for audio-video installation that will perform well.
We are so thankful that we contracted with Parkers Productions to take care of needs. Here are some of the specifics that they designed and installed for us: The speakers installed are Tannoy Q-Flex that allow for onboard DSP to aim the sound at the seating area to reduce the echo from the hard surface of the walls. The Roland M300 is a digital mixing console that allows transmissions of the signal over CAT-5 cabling. The digital functions of the console give the user greater control of the overall sound. The Chauvet LED lighting eliminates the need for gel packs and the maintenance that is required by standard lights. The Chauvet lighting is controlled via a computer program instead of a lighting console for more flexibility. Both the PreSonus and Roland mixing consoles allow for scene storage and instant recall of those scenes. The lighting Truss system is a self-climbing truss that was required due to the inaccessibility of the ceiling which precluded above ceiling controls. Tony and Emily Parker are certainly to be commended for their quality workmanship, training sessions, and service after the sell. I can highly recommend Parkers Productions, LLC for their professional services. 

Ronnie L. Simmons, Construction Representative

New River Baptist Church

We at New River Baptist Church would like to thank you for the fine work that was done to bring the sound system up to professional standards. As you know we received a quote from Parkers Production 4 to 5 years ago when we were looking to have a new sound system installed, and the church went with another installer. The installer that we choose at the time installed extension cord for speaker wire. When we contacted you to come in and look at the system you were more than willing to do any or all the work to get the system up to professional standards. The work that was done by you and your professional staff was 2nd to none. After removing the surface mounted wiring from the walls and reinstalling the wire in the ceiling your staff repaired and painted the walls. I just believe that Parkers Production went above and beyond what most companies do to please the customer. Thank you for what you have done for the church and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Walter Pugh

Welcome Home Baptist Church

Welcome Home Baptist Church has been delighted with the work Parkers Productions has done for us with our sound system. I have been here for nearly five years and this is the best our sound system has ever been. Tony was able to analyze our system and recommend what equipment we needed to have to allow our ministry to be as effective as possible. Not only did Parkers Productions provide us with the equipment needed, but their professionalism and service with continued support for our sound people is great. A good sound system is not effective without the support to train those running the system. Tony has provided everything we need from start to finish to have an effective music ministry. Thanks to Tony and his staff for their work

Jeff Collins

Bethel Baptist Church- Wilkesboro, North Carolina

This letter is my personal recommendation for Parkers Productions. It has been my pleasure to work with Tony Parker during the planning process and installation of the sound system upgrade for Bethel Baptist Church. I’ve found Parkers Productions to be consistently pleasant in tackling all requests with dedication and a smile. 

Besides being a pleasure to work with, Parkers Productions presented creative ideas and communicated the information on the level that everyone could understand. We had multiple phone conversations concerning our needs prior to the initial meeting at our church. During this meeting Tony took the time to explain in detail all of the options and developed a plan that gave Bethel Baptist Church the best result…. Tony also took the time to return for a second meeting to offer suggestions and show case some of the equipment upgrades to our Deacon board for their review prior to the installation… This was a HUGH success…

During the installation, Tony and staff worked long hours with no disruption to any church services… The installation was very organized and surprising fast… I couldn’t begin to count the hours Tony and staff put into this upgrade… I also feel the need to mention the level of detail Tony put into the fine tuning of the sound system… Many nights working past mid-night and then returning back the next morning with a smile… After the installation was complete, Tony and Emily Parker provided a training class for everyone and explained all of the upgrades in detail. 

With all of this said, Parkers Productions has proven to be a take-charge company who is able to successfully develop, plan and implement ideas to the level everyone would expect. Parkers Productions provides excellent product selection, installation and technical support.  It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Parkers Productions without reservation…. Thanks you and God Bless….



Michael & Michael

Bethel Baptist Church

Hebron Baptist Church, Statesville, NC

On November 2nd of this year I attended Parker Productions "Wired For Worship" seminar conducted by Tony and Emily Parker. This was the second time I attended this seminar. I attended last years’ seminar because I realized that I needed more training in order to produce a better sound mix from the sound console at both my church and at special events that I MC. Since retiring from AT&T in 2010, I have taken a special interest in editing and producing sound and video. Following my call to pursue these specialized fields, I attended and graduated from the Carolina School of Broadcasting. After graduation, my church asked for my help in improving the sound quality in our sanctuary. I quickly realized that I needed more specialized training in sound mixing and sound equalization. My search for a school of this sort in the Statesville area found nothing available. Then a fortunate coincidence led me to know Tony Parker. Tony came to our church to evaluate our sound system and he mentioned the "Wired For Worship" seminar. I saw this as an opportunity to learn and I attended the seminar. At the seminar a variety of microphones and mixing consoles both analog and digital were covered. I know now what the cardioid, the Omni, and the stereo microphones are, as well as their applications. Each participant mixed sound with raw audio taken from a recording session produced by Parker Productions. All components of quality equalization were covered. Participants were given feedback and tested on our performance. I left at the end of the day with confidence in my ability to produce the best audio possible. I would recommend this seminar to both the beginner and experienced church sound engineer. There is no price that can be placed on great sound quality at a church worship service. Thank you Tony and Emily Parker. 

Jim Scruggs

Providence United Methodist Church - Statesville, NC

It is truly a blessing to work wtih a company that has great knowledge in selling and installing the very best sound equipment. I praise them for using excellent equipment, their knowledge and ability to get the job done within the specified stated time frame. They will then train you so you are able to use your equipment effectively. They are eagar to respond if you should have a question or problem. Their COMMUNICATION with teh client is excellent. I highly recommend PARKER PRODUCTIONS!


Shelia Overcash

Providence United Methodist Church
Statesville, NC

Dean, Wired for Worship Class

I enjoyed the class very much. I’ve never had any training like this before and it was excellent. The hospitality was great and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone. The biggest "ah-ah" moment for me was when Tony talked about identifying what didn’t sound good/right and then cutting/reducing the equalizer to remove it, instead of adding more EQ to boost the sound. It was so enjoyable and I was learning so much that the day just flew right by. The money spent to attend this class was worth it and by the way the food was very nice too. Thanks again for the opportunity to learn about working with sound system equipment. Keep up the good work.

New Life Church

Parkers Productions has served New Life's audio/visual needs for many years. The sales and service they have provided have been excellent and professional, and they have been a reliable source of information regarding ever-changing media technology. I recommend them highly.


Steve Watson

New Life Christian Fellowship

Club Canine, Granite Falls, North Carolina

Dear Tony:

On June 23rd, Club Canine opened for business in our new facility. If you recall, I contacted you somewhat in a crisis regarding our need for an audio system after another company was not meeting our expectations. I wanted to take a moment to write this letter to express my appreciation for the exceptional experience your company provided regarding our need!

First, I was impressed by the eagerness with which you listened to what we wanted to do regarding audio then I was ver pleased with the way you nailed it...without trying to over-sale. Your integrity was very self-evident!

You may also recall that due to a delay with the installation of our flooring system, we were really in a last-minute crunch to get everything installed. With the worst possible timing a thunderstorm caused a power outage. I was impressed to see that while all of the other subcontractors took the opportunity ti abandon the worksite claiming that they couldn't work in the dark, your crew remained steadfast and felt their way around in the dark for almost three hours until the power was restored. They did not leave until the installation was complete! A true testament of you company's commitment to your customers.

Please feel free to share this letter with any potential customers as you see fit. If you would like to add my name and number to a reference list, I'd be more than happy to discuss Parkers Productions' work at Club Canine with anyone that is considering doing business with you.

Again , thank you so much for a job very well done. May God continue to bless!

Kenny Whiteside, Business Manager
Club Canine